Easy writing activities for first grade

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Mar 10,  · Thanks for stopping by for a peek into the wonderfilled world of first grade! I want to share some highlights of our Camping Theme. We had so much fun studying the animals you would find while camping, researching through Pebble Go, reading poetry, writing poetry, reading books, both fiction and nonfiction, writing our own nonfiction pieces.

The first day of school will be here before I know it! My kids start on August 10th, which is on a Wednesday! I LOVE starting on hump day because it gives me just enough time to have a lot of back to school fun before we *really* get into our daily routine!!

We started out using Abeka’s Language Arts in first grade. It seemed to hop everywhere and the writing parts were more along the lines of: “Write a sentence about this picture” or “Use the following words to write about Abraham Lincoln”.

Columbus Day is a day in which we remember that discovery. President Franklin D.

1st Grade Common Core Worksheets

Roosevelt first proclaimed that October 12 be known as Columbus Day in InPresident Lyndon B. Johnson declared the second Monday in October a federal holiday in honor of Christopher Columbus. Easy Reader Classics. This charming series features classic stories from beloved children's novels rewritten in a simple style.

First Grade Activities

Now even the youngest readers can enjoy many of the world's favorite tales.

Easy writing activities for first grade
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First Grade Wow: Camping Unit