Speech recognition software for writing a book

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5 Ways Speech Recognition Can Make You a Better Writer

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Acapela Text-to-Speech Voices for NVDA is a simple plug-in for the NVDA screen reader, adding Acapela Group’s high quality and high performing voices. Although I have never used speech recognition for my work, I recently tested out the speech facility in Final Draft screen writing program to check the timing of a scene.

Writing: Voice Recognition Software – Is It the Author’s New Best Friend?

It saves time reading through the scene aloud and timing it with a stop watch. Speech recognition software is one of the best ways to become a more productive and successful writer; these writing tips will get the most from this tool.

Voice Recognition Software for Windows

This post was dictated using Dragon Naturally Speaking, and was contributed by guest writer Sharon Hurley Hall. A Q+A on speech recognition and book writing with author and leadership coach Jason Womack Dragon is a reliable productivity tool for many professionals, including leadership coach Jason Womack.

Jason used Dragon to help write his popular book, Your Best Just Got Better, and continues to use speech recognition today for important aspects of his. "The definitive book on Dragon for writers" "Techniques that seem to dramatically jump-start the accuracy of the software far beyond anything I've tried before" "Extremely helpful and informative" "The most comprehensive tool I've ever encountered when it comes to unavocenorthernalabama.com author really knows his stuff" "This is the guide I'd write if I were an experienced Dragon user".

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Speech recognition software for writing a book
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